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venerdì 19 maggio 2017

Piero della Francesca, The Resuretion

    The pivot of the composition is made up of the figure of the Christ dividing the landscape into two parts, the one on the right lush that left to the left, these symbols recall the "good and bad government" of the Lorenzetti fresco in Siena that so influenced the Tuscany painting . Piero sits at the foot of the sarcophagus, and the rod's stem with the cross of the Guelfa side keeps him in direct contact with the divinity, as if it inspired the political Piero who had been elected in 1442 by the councilor of the people ('' Ercole Agnoletti ' 'Characters of Sansepolcro''BVE0116112) and sat in the adjoining room. Normally he would take advantage of the image, perhaps meditating in those years at a political career. As a member of the community and his father sitting in the city council, he had all the rights of a seat. The council that in the short passage of Sansepolcro in the territory of the church was abolished, it was regained from Florence when Sansepolcro definitively entered his territory and gathered in the room behind the aisle of the resurrection.

While the soldier's spear with the shield indicates the direction of "Monte Fumaiolo" the mountain where the Tiber river was born (I checked it with a compass), the soldier leaning against the elbow next to the stone in the right corner from Those who look at the painting seem to indicate the stone, an expression of the philosophy of the medieval scholars who spoke of the intentional and mental mentality of the object and the content of the direction towards it.

Today, after Bertrand Russell, he can not be without regard to his teachings to which a character of the transition from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance that was Piero della Francesca did not escape. The figure of Christ seems to reflect all the power of reason in Piero's possession of possession in the exaltation of the ascent of Christ, and Piero makes him a second-rate character over his science, one can believe or not believe in the affair But the reality is that matter is to say in Russell's words about the relationship between mind and matter: "Both the mind and the matter seem to be composite" and it is that the world is composed.

Little is known about a fresco displacement in 1479, perhaps it was restorations and new murals that involved the Resurrection in a marginal way

I was struck by how Piero had been treated so metaphysically as to make him a vector of Catholic or religious spirituality in general, that he might as well have to carry a supposed scientific proof of religion.

martedì 25 aprile 2017

25 Aprile, Alitalia e autogestione

venerdì 21 aprile 2017

ce qu'ils lisent n'aime pas et donc ne cassent pas mes couilles dans leur façon de punir les pauvres l'humanisme plus faible ne sont pas différents par ISIS est la raison pour laquelle frappe Isis tuer (quelle combinaison) un policier qui était aussi un militant pour les droits des homosexuels, a mis en place un terrain religieux pour diviser l'esprit de faire la politique de second ordre de quelque chose à être sous le pouce de la religion et cela est une raison suffisante pour penser à un complot en cours

domenica 19 marzo 2017

As usual, the shift idiots can not do better than that suggests the "belly" in general we tend to eliminate belly so unsightly but some people elect to the brain knowing that protected its privileges protecting them from the crisis economic continues to do shit and plunged the country into ruin and municipalities will a flood of legal challenges which will have to cope, not to mention that in mafia areas is unlikely to be activated or the news in recent times often make light on corruption in certain instructions opens up scenarios to do so in favor of obliging friends.
The M5S abstained because with his Di Maio, a Neapolitan classic that seems out of the ordinary for what we think of the kind of the south who does not work and it is in politics the only way to make ends meet, lately indicates the people as if they were all taxi drivers as pharmacists and notaries are among the privileged thereby preventing the free market implying that with them nothing changes

giovedì 9 marzo 2017

Requiem per un sindacato che è stato tra i più grandi movimenti e protettore dei diseredati. Come i grandi della storia, al pari di Alessandro il Grande è Garibaldi la Camusso arriva a patti con i più ricchi per quello che può fare e cioè dicendo no al reddito di cittadinanza cosa che lascia perplessi come se credesse nell'Anarchia Capitalista che il “lasez far” che oramai tutti hanno capito non funzionare dovrebbe per una fantomatica etica del capitalismo italiano o della sua imprenditoria spicciola, noi non abbiamo nessun primato del genere e lasciare delle sacche di povertà sulla quale poter speculare è mantenere i privilegi potremo dire di casta? E magari copiare l’India? Perché no il nord Europa

lunedì 6 febbraio 2017

È interessante come fanno i salti mortali pur di non fare il reddito di
cittadinanza o comunque vogliono chiamare quello che è un reddito
minimo. Mentre da un lato richiamano i Lazzaroni la ben conosciuta
riserva di anime che senza la miseria non avrebbe senso di esistere
mentre d'altronde (scusate il gioco di parole) ricordando che negli ultimi
anni dello stato della chiesa le assicurazioni contro la grandine che gli
agricoltori potevano acquistare , non erano ben viste ed erano
sconsigliate dal clero in quanto con esse si dimostrava scarsa fiducia in
Dio. Ecco dunque il contratto con il Diavolo che ha fatto l'attuale classe
politica il conveniente rastrello che da una parte vuol gestire i soldi che
spetterebbero a chi ne ha bisogno veramente è usando quelli che vanno
in pensione come una speranza per l'obolo finale . Questo ritorno ad una
visione rinascimentale della politica dove la democrazia si riflette nella
pluralità dei principi che sono gli amici del quartierino

venerdì 27 gennaio 2017

Billion in the deserto fronte Tramp

thinking perhaps overestimating Trump that in its policy there was an increase of the space budget to open the mines on the moon is to extract metals for high technology! to seen and heard the news that confirm the construction will mute the border of Mexico I wonder why the 20 billion dollars needed for its construction are not distributed to the needy that Trump would like to protect from invasion of cheap labor, it seems to me the most logical solution would increase purchases and would give oxygen even the market instead of throw money in the desert

mercoledì 25 gennaio 2017

Beqppe Grillo e il movimento 5 Stelle e la giustizia a due velocità o a due livelli,
 Tra il sindaco Pizzarotti e la sindaco Raggi che cercano di fare la quadratura della pizza... o la solita rottura di coglioni che ci ha abituato la politica.... Ho adesso capisco!  non sono come quelli della quadratura del cerchio perché con i raggi il cerchio non si squadra......!!?😊
Insomma nuovi modi per pigliarsela nel cu.... 

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